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Burns are difficult injuries to handle

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Personal injury

Being burned is a horrible accident that leads to a long recovery when the burn is a third-degree or fourth-degree burn. These burns damage tissues so healing is much more difficult. Getting the proper care quickly can make a big difference in how you fare after the burn occurs.

You should realize that not all hospitals are created equally when it comes to caring for burn patients. Ideally, patients will be admitted into a dedicated burn center that has staff members who have been trained to handle these injuries. It is necessary to take several things into account when you are dealing with a burn. Here are a few to remember:

You might not feel pain at first

The depth of these types of burns is so great that many different layers of the skin are impacted. The nerves in the area of the burn are likely destroyed or severely damaged, which means that you you might not feel pain even though the injury is severe.

Even though you probably aren’t going to feel the pain at first, it will likely appear over time. You might be tempted to think of this as a negative thing, but it is a sign that the area is finally starting to heal. The same is true if you feel itchiness in the area.

Recovery can be painful and prolonged

The recovery process for these injuries can be lengthy. You might be in the hospital for a while, especially if the injury is spread over a wide area or is in a particularly difficult spot. In almost all cases, you can expect to have to undergo dressing changes as the area heals. Dressings are critical for burns because of the risk of infection that comes with the lack of skin.

As the area heals, you are likely going to start to feel pain. This can make some procedures, such as debridement, particularly painful. Debridement is a procedure that removes dead or damaged tissues, but it is usually associated with discomfort if it isn’t possible to fully numb the area before it is started.

Long-term impacts are possible

In most cases, patients won’t ever fully recover from a third-degree or fourth-degree burn. There is a good chance that you will have lasting impacts. You might have pain in the area for a long time. The skin might be tight and coping with the scar might be difficult.

Seeking compensation for the burn injuries you received in an accident may make it easier to adjust to your post-accident lifestyle.