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Teachers can suffer serious injuries throughout the year

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Even though the summer is here, teachers are likely still going to be working. Some teachers are able to take the summer months off, but they will still work past the last day of school to get their classroom ready to be closed. They will also go back before students return to prepare the room for the first day of class.

Throughout the year, teachers are at risk of suffering from injuries. These can come from repetitive motions that they do each day as they interact with students. They might also occur when they are handling school-related duties outside of class hours.

Injuries from normal job duties

One of the risks for teachers is carpal tunnel syndrome, which can occur after repetitive use of the computer keyboard or having to write a lot. Sometimes, they can face cumulative trauma injuries to the back that stem from having to bend down to help students throughout the day.

Using proper body mechanics, which includes using an ergonomic keyboard and bending properly instead of stooping can alleviate these issues. Teachers should also stretch so that their muscles are ready for the day ahead. Taking the time to move about throughout the day might also be a good idea. The goal is to keep the body from getting stiff and sore.

Varying your positions throughout the day can also prevent injuries. Teachers who stand or sit all day long are more likely to feel sore and possibly suffer from problems than those who move around.

Falls and other accidents

Some dangers don’t stem from overuse and cumulative trauma. Teachers can be involved in accidents that cause serious problems. Things as seemingly easy as putting up the bulletin board decorations can lead to injuries if they fall from a ladder or off a chair.

There is also the risk of violence in the school. Teachers and other school officials are sometimes the victims of students, or even parents, attacking. Proper security measures help to prevent some of these incidents but that isn’t always the case.

Some teachers who teach special classes like physical education or welding might also suffer from situational injuries. It is essential to follow safety protocol to limit risks.

Any teacher who suffers an injury while doing school-related work might need to seek compensation as part of a workers’ compensation claim.