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Road construction zones: Hazardous for everyone involved

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2018 | Car Accidents

Proper maintenance is required to keep the roads in Illinois in good shape for drivers. Whether there is a need to repair a road or to completely redo it, construction workers are going to have to head out to get the job done.

While many drivers think of these work zones as inconveniences, the workers who are in them are counting on those drivers to move through them in a safe manner. There isn’t any reason why a driver should drive unsafely or aggressively through these areas because the laborers deserve a safe work space so they can go home to their family members after their shift.

Reduced speed limits

All construction work zones should have reduced speed limits. This needs to be conveyed to drivers in advance of the area so that they are aware of the changes that are coming up. Even though this isn’t going to negate all impacts of a vehicle crashing into a worker, slower speeds can often mean less severe injuries. Drivers must abide by these work zone speed limits or they can seriously injure or kill workers. Governments have taken a harsh stance against speeding in a work zone by establishing stiff penalties, such as fines, for people who do speed. These increase in severity if a worker is injured or killed.

Barriers and signage

Ideally, concrete barriers will be placed when there is a construction zone. This provides the most protection for workers. When this isn’t feasible, other barriers might be erected or placed. Some, including barrels, don’t really provide workers with any added protection. Additionally, signage alerting drivers to the workers’ presence must be placed. These large, bright orange signs are easy to spot so drivers really don’t have any excuse for not knowing they are in a work zone unless they are impaired, distracted or reckless.

Safety equipment

Workers should have safety equipment provided to them. Hard hats can provide a little protection for the head if the worker is struck or falls. Wearing reflective vests or clothing that is also bright can make workers easier to spot. These are very important if the worker is out from dusk to dawn. During those times, lights should be present to illuminate the work zone and let drivers know that there are still workers out.

Road construction laborers who are injured at work might not be able to return to the job quickly. This brings up the need for medical coverage and partial wage replacement, which might be obtained through workers’ compensation.