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Common workplace accidents that span many industries

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Workers face many risks on the job, even if they are in a profession that is considered relatively safe. Minimizing these hazards has to be a priority for employers and employees alike. Ultimately, the employees will count on the employers to ensure that they have what they need to stay out of harm’s way.

It is imperative that companies remember the types of incidents listed below so they can take steps to protect workers. Not only can this prevent employees from having to deal with the negative impacts of an on-the-job injury, it also helps to preserve the company’s assets since they won’t have to worry about people missing work due to an accident.

Objects falling

Businesses often store things on shelves that are high up. This maximizes space, but they must ensure that anything that is stored here is secure. The risk that workers face from falling objects is too serious to ignore. Plus, companies must ensure that they have adequate room around sprinkler heads to help increase the efficacy of fire suppression systems.

Trips and falls

Floors must be kept clean and clutter free so that workers aren’t at risk of slipping or tripping. Falls in the workplace can lead to serious issues, especially if the person hits something on the way down. If there are cords on the floor, they should be secured to prevent someone from tripping. Any spills should be cleaned or a warning sign should be put up to reduce the risk of slipping.

Machine incidents

Machines can lead to injuries if they aren’t used properly. Anyone who is working with them should be trained on proper usage. They also need to ensure they are wearing appropriate clothing, which means nothing loose that can get caught in the moving parts.

Cumulative trauma injuries

Cumulative trauma injuries come from doing the same job duties over and over again. These can include problems with the knees or hips. Carpal tunnel syndrome is another issue that’s common for cashiers, factory workers and office workers. These issues usually start out as minor problems that don’t seem like anything serious. As time progresses, they become more pronounced and begin to cause more problems.

Workplace violence

Violence in the workplace is a serious issue that might be preventable. Having adequate security is important since this can thwart problems before they become serious matters. Everyone should also be vigilant about watching out for signs that there are suspicious activities going on.

When workers are injured, they might qualify for workers’ compensation coverage, which provides medical care and other benefits.