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Truckers and other factors may cause big rig wrecks

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Semitruck wrecks can lead to devastating injuries and financial ruin for innocent victims. Some of these individuals might choose to take legal action to protect their finances after they are struck by a big rig. One factor that is important in these cases is the cause of the crash.

It is easy to assume that the trucker’s negligence is at fault for a semitruck crash, but this isn’t always the case. Other causes are common. In those cases, there may be more than one defendant from whom you are able to seek compensation.


A trucker has to remember that they are operating very heavy and large pieces of equipment. Not using proper safety practices can lead to crashes, so these professionals must ensure that they are well rested and focused on their driving duties. They can’t try to push through fatigue or drive when they can’t give the road their full attention. Additionally, they shouldn’t take unnecessary risks, such as trying to drive faster than what the weather and road conditions currently allow.

Other drivers

All drivers have to give semitrucks the space and respect they are due. One thing many people do that might cause a crash with one of these large vehicles is to cut them off. There is a blind spot in the front of the truck. If a vehicle is there, the trucker can’t see them. This can lead to a rear-end crash. Cutting off a semitruck may also lead to the driver needing to swerve into another lane; however, this might lead to the trucker hitting a different vehicle.

Company policies

The shipping industry is very competitive, so some companies have built a reputation of speedy deliveries that are always on time. While this sounds good, those policies take away the ability of the truckers complete their haul safely. For example, a trucker who is fatigued might not be able to stop to rest because doing so will mean they don’t make the promised delivery time.

Maintenance and components

Any faulty components on the truck, improperly performed mechanic work, or nonexistent maintenance can all lead to performance problems. Some of these might contribute to a crash. For example, malfunctioning brakes could mean the truck can’t stop or a faulty hitch may lead to the trailer becoming detached.

If you are involved in a semitruck crash, the cause of the wreck might be the focal point of your case. Be sure that you understand what happened to know how to proceed.