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Semitruck crashes are caused by a variety of factors

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Semitrucks carry heavy loads and are very large, which make them dangerous to smaller passenger vehicles. When proper safety protocol is followed, people on the roads with these trucks have a good chance of arriving at their destinations without being involved in a wreck.

Some causes of semitruck crashes are common enough that plans should be in place to prevent them. These include things that have to do with the upkeep of the truck before it is placed into service through the moment that a load is delivered.

Improper maintenance and defective components

Each component on a semitruck must always be in good working order. When systems can’t work as intended, a failure can occur that may result in a serious crash. Equipment failure, such as an unstable hitch system, can lead to serious problems.

Without maintenance, things like missing a brake change or having a crack in the windshield, can lead the trucker to be involved in a crash. While the individuals charged with these tasks should handle them properly, truckers must ensure their rig is ready to roll each time they get in.

Incorrect loading and securement

Cargo must be loaded in a correct manner so that it doesn’t shift or come loose when in transit. Unfortunately, this is a big problem, as anyone who has seen Final Destination knows. Items that come off a truck can impale drivers or cause a serious issue on the road. When cargo shifts, truckers can lose control of the vehicle.

Errors from drivers

Truckers are specially trained to operate the vehicles they drive, but there are times when they don’t follow that training. Fatigue, distractions and unsafe driving can lead to serious issues so avoiding these liabilities with defensive driving techniques are critical.

Weather and road conditions

Roads that are slick from rain, ice or snow can lead to trouble. Trying to keep the rig and trailer on the road and in the lane can be challenging. Plus, there is the matter of being able to get the truck moving and trying to stop when necessary. Road hazards can also be a threat.

When a person is struck by a semitruck, they must ensure that they get the medical care they need. They may also seek compensation so they can recover financial damages associated with the wreck.