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A safety plan is critical for road construction projects

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

The warmer weather means that road construction projects are going to be in full swing. While this work is necessary, there are some hazards that come along with having these workers on the roads. It is imperative that any company that handles construction projects on open roads have appropriate safety measures in place to keep workers safe.

There are many aspects of this type of environment that must be considered for employees to make it home safely after their shift. Some of these factors are interdependent, while others aren’t. Still, they must all be addressed.

Site evaluation

Any good plan for keeping workers safe will start with an evaluation of the work site in Belleville. This enables the person to gather information about the surface conditions, the speed of vehicles and any other hazards. The site-specific plan must be relayed to the workers who are going to be there so that they can know what to do before situations appear.

Barriers for safety

There are times when concrete barriers can be used to keep cars away from workers, but this isn’t always possible. When those can’t be used, things like barrels or cones must be placed in vital areas. Those don’t provide much protection for the workers, but they do give drivers a visual reminder that work is being done so they can avoid taking unsafe actions. When concrete barriers aren’t used, a buffer zone should be established, if possible.

Safety equipment

Personal protective equipment can help to keep workers safe. This can include steel-toe boots, brightly colored vests and other clothing, hard hats and anything else that the workers might need to do their job duties. Individual consideration must be taken for specific jobs. For example, a person welding needs to have on the right gloves and helmet to keep them protected.

Heat hazards

Working in the heat comes with its own set of issues. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two that must be considered. Dehydration is another problem. To combat these, workers must have ample water to drink, as well as a restroom facility such as a portable toilet. A place to wash their hands and a shaded spot to get out of the sun’s rays are also necessary.

A road construction worker who suffers an injury or illness due to their job conditions might choose to seek compensation. This can mean a workers’ compensation claim unless the issue was caused by third-party negligence. When a third party is to blame, a lawsuit might be in order.