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Tips for driving safely on interstates and highways

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Car Accidents

Interstates and highways are high-speed roadways that have lots of traffic. This makes them fairly dangerous, especially when there are drivers who are distracted, fatigued or driving in an unsafe manner. While you can’t control the way that other people behave on the roads, you can take steps to boost your own safety.

Even if you’ve been driving for many years, brushing up on a few things about interstate driving can benefit you. For starters, make sure your vehicle is ready for the road and that you are mentally and physically able to drive. Never get on the road if you can’t give your full attention to it.

Watch for semitrucks

Semitrucks have large blind spots, so it is best to stay away from them. The general rule is that if you can’t see the trucker in their side mirrors, they can’t see you. These vehicles have long stopping distances, so never dart in front of them and then stop or slow down. If you do have to pass a tractor-trailer, do so as quickly as possible so you aren’t in the blind spot very long.

Be careful when you pass

Passing other vehicles on a multilane highway can be dangerous. A person from another lane may also try to move into the same one. If you us the left lane to pass, get back to the right lane as soon as possible. The left lane is only for passing other vehicles, so you shouldn’t drive in it for long distances, especially if you are going slower than other traffic.

Keep up with the flow of traffic

You can drive up to the speed limit as long as the conditions are good. Some roads have a minimum speed. If you aren’t comfortable keeping up with traffic up to the maximum speed limit, find a route that doesn’t include the highway. Driving too slowly on the interstate can lead to crashes. Additionally, you should never stop on the highway unless you come upon a traffic jam with stopped traffic.

Stay away from aggressive or unsafe drivers

If you see a driver who is traveling well above the speed limit, swerving between lanes or otherwise driving unsafely, try to stay away from them. If you have someone in your vehicle who can report the driver or if you have hands-free options for your phone, contact the police department.

Even when you drive safely, you might end up in a crash due to a negligent driver. Seek care for any injuries you suffer and determine whether you want to seek compensation.