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Is drowsy driving really a big deal?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Driving during the winter is difficult enough without adding fatigue into the picture. When any driver, including those in commercial rigs, is fatigued, they can cause a serious crash that injures innocent people or claims a life.

Fatigue can lead a driver to make improper decisions as they drive. They might not be able to react quickly enough when there is a hazard in the roadway. This is why it is imperative for all drivers to get plenty of rest and ensure they are fully prepared to operate a motor vehicle.

Does lack of sleep always cause fatigue?

Lack of sleep is a primary cause of fatigue, but it isn’t the only cause. Drivers must ensure that they get ample sleep before they get behind the wheel. They should drive when their body isn’t naturally trying to sleep. The circadian rhythm is the body’s natural cycle of sleeping and being awake. During the hours of 2 to 4 in the afternoon and midnight to 6 in the morning, the body naturally slows down. While you might not be able to fully avoid driving during those hours, try to minimize the amount of time that you’re on the road.

How can drivers combat fatigue?

Drivers can combat fatigue by getting enough sleep before a trip. They should watch for signs of fatigue that signal they need to stop and rest before continuing on their journey. Nodding off, a heavy feeling in the eyes, hitting the rumble strips on the side of the road, and not being able to remember the past few miles of the trip are some of these signs.

It is sometimes possible to combat drowsiness by taking a short nap. Some drivers might turn to tactics like drinking coffee, opening the windows and turning up the music, but these will only provide short-term relief from the fatigue. You should only use these to enable you to make it somewhere to get some sleep.

You can also eat a healthy diet and get some exercise to help you get in the best shape possible. This reduces the chance that you will need medication that can make you drowsy, and it can help your body to function optimally.

Drowsy driving is a major problem in this country. Victims who are struck by a drowsy driver might need extensive medical care, and the financial cost is considerable. Seeking compensation can help cover accident-related expenses.