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Plan your trip carefully when there are snowy conditions

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Car Accidents

The winter months are hard for many drivers in Illinois because of the snowy conditions that occur for much of the season. Until the warmer spring months arrive, drivers must ensure that they are well prepared for their journey.

Being ready for the road starts before you leave home. You have to ensure that your vehicle can handle the winter conditions. This means having the tires checked to ensure they have sufficient tread depth. You also need to be sure that the brakes can handle the demands of stopping on the slick roads. Check the battery so you know you can get the vehicle started when you need to.

Pack a safety kit

You must be ready to handle the situation if you are stranded. Packing a kit in the vehicle is invaluable. At a minimum, you should pack a brush and ice scraper, kitty litter or something else to give tires traction, flares or safety triangles, and a shovel to remove snow from around the vehicle and the tailpipe.

If you are going on a longer trip, you can add other essentials like blankets and layers of clothing, flashlights, nonperishable foods and water, and items like medications and phone chargers.

Get ready for the trip

You must ensure that you are well rested and that you can avoid distractions while you drive. Around 17 percent of crashes occur on wintry roads, so there is no viable excuse for distracted or fatigued driving. You never know what hazards you are going to face on the road. Addressing them requires that you’re of sound mind. This is only possible if you are sober when you travel.

Take your time

Take your time on wintry roads. Try to leave early so that you aren’t rushing. When you rush, you can easily make mistakes. Remember, it is going to take longer to stop and get moving when the roads are slick. You will have to give other vehicles plenty of room to maneuver.

Car wrecks are bound to happen in the wintry months. You should handle these crashes in the same way you’d handle any others. Contact the police and seek medical care for any injuries you have. Once you do this, you might opt to pursue a claim for compensation.