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Common accidents that occur in workplaces

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Workers deserve to have a safe space to work. While it is impossible for employers to remove every danger their employees will face, they can set protocol and work toward improving the safety of every worker.

There are some accidents that are more common than others. Thinking about these can help employers to reduce the chance of an employee suffering an on-the-job injury.

Repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive stress injuries are often hard to spot because the symptoms come on so slowly. You might feel a slight ache in your back or wrist that seems to lessen with rest, however, the pain returns when you go back to work. It continually gets worse until you can’t take it any longer. By the time you realize you need care, there might be considerable damage to the area. Paying close attention to body mechanics and ergonomics may help to prevent these issues.

Falls, slips and trips

Uneven floors, things placed on the ground, and working at heights above ground are some of the more common causes of slips, falls and trips. Companies can protect employees from these issues by ensuring proper cleaning is done in areas that might have things strewn on the floors. Making sure that trip hazards, such as cords, are identified and properly secured is also helpful. Fall arrest devices and proper climbing protocol for workers who have to climb ladders and work from heights are important.

Caught in or pinned by machinery

Moving equipment is necessary in many jobs, but this is a huge risk. Anyone who works around moving machinery should know how the equipment works so they can remain out of harm’s way. When the machines are being operated by humans, the ones who are controlling them must be vigilant to watch for workers around the equipment. People around it should wear bright-colored clothing, such as safety vests, to make it is easier to see them.

Workers who do suffer an injury while they’re doing their job duties might need medical care. This is covered under workers’ compensation, so the employee won’t be liable for the financial impact of their injury. Some workers might also qualify for temporary, partial wage replacement benefits if they’re unable to return to work right away. It’s possible that they won’t be approved for the benefits they’re due. In this case, they can appeal the decision.