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Jackknifed trucks pose deadly dangers

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Truck Accidents

If you have ever driven along an interstate and seen a jackknifed truck in the median or blocking the lanes of traffic, you may have come up on a very serious semitruck accident. In fact, jackknifing is one of the most hazardous accidents for the semitruck drivers and especially for the passenger vehicles that may be involved.

Big rigs typically jackknife when the semitruck’s tire lose traction with the road surface. That’s one reason why jackknifing is often considered to be a winter driving hazard.

But a truck can easily jackknife in warm weather as well. Rain-slick roads are particularly hazardous for truckers, as they can hydroplane and lose control of their rigs.

Locking the brakes can trigger a jackknife

If a trucker brakes improperly during a skid, they can worsen the situation. Once the brakes lock up, the big rig can swing into the adjacent lane and collide with passenger vehicles or another semitruck.

Shifting cargo poses hazards

If the truck’s cargo is not secured tightly and shifts, it can change the center of gravity and cause a skid. The lighter the load, the more dangerous it is to haul, as heavier cargo gives the truck more traction with the highway.

After a jackknife accident

If you wind up injured in a jackknife accident with a semitruck, you could face a long and grueling recovery period. You may need multiple surgeries and rehabilitative therapies as you recuperate. You could face weeks or months out of work as you heal from the damage.

As one might imagine, the bills for all of this necessary medical treatment can run into the six figures — and beyond. You may require supportive services to carry out activities of daily life (ADL) and never again be able to earn a living.

Your prospects for the future may appear dim. That alone can send you into a tailspin of depression. But you are not without recourse after an accident with a semitruck.

Take legal action after a semitruck wreck

Those who get injured in semitruck accidents have the right to seek financial compensation from the at-fault parties. Learning more about your legal rights after a serious wreck can help you determine the best course of action to take.