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Important information after an accident you should collect

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Car Accidents

Car accidents happen in an instant, but the consequences can last a lifetime. The steps a victim takes immediately after the accident can significantly impact how well they can recover from their injuries. Information is key to pursuing compensation, but what information should you collect?

More than four million people suffer serious injuries every year. Without proper preparation, victims cannot receive fair compensation for their injuries, so where does a victim start?

Gathering information

Following an accident, a victim should confirm that they are not in any danger and then call them to report the accident. While waiting for the police to arrive, there is a lot of evidence a victim can collect to help themselves, such as:

  • Personal information – make sure you gather as much identifying information of the at-fault driver as possible. Information like a license plate, driver’s license, full name, phone number, and identifying features of their car can be precious.
  • Video evidence – take a long, slow-panning video of the accident scene to document the immediate results.
  • Witness testimony – testimony can change even a few hours after an event, record any witness testimony that you can find, and the witness’s contact information if you need to speak with them again.
  • Police report information – once the police finish their duties at the scene of the accident, they should provide a report number soon after. This number will allow you to track any developments with the report at the police station.

Gathering information is essential, but not more important than your health. If you are too injured to collect data, do not strain yourself to do so. A personal injury attorney can help you collect available information afterward as well.

Action today can protect tomorrow

The information you can collect after an accident can become a powerful tool in your fair compensation pursuit. Make sure you gather information safely and thoroughly after your accident.