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Common Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Car Accidents

Being injured in a car accident can be life changing. It’s estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that over three million people are injured in car crashes each year, nationwide. While some of these injuries are minor, more severe injuries that can seriously affect day-to-day life are not uncommon.

What Are The Most Common Injuries?

The type and severity of car accident injuries varies depending on a wide range of circumstances. However, there are several more common injuries seen in car accidents due to the structure of most vehicles and the most common types of accidents. These include:

  • Scrapes and cuts – from glass shards and car parts
  • Whiplash and head injuries – caused by sudden change in motion during collision
  • Chest injuries – such as bruises and contusions from steering wheels, seat belts and airbags
  • Arm and leg fractures – due to the small spaces of cars and type of impacts

It’s important to look out for these common injuries, even if you do not appear hurt immediately following the accident. In some cases, these injuries are not readily apparent, and it can take longer lengths of time for symptoms to appear.

Seeking medical attention immediately or soon after an accident can help you catch these injuries and prevent them from evolving into more serious medical issues.

While defensive driving, wearing your seat belt and avoiding distractions can help you avoid getting into serious accidents, there is no sure way to prevent them. However, if you are hurt in a car accident, you can recover compensation for your injuries to help pay medical bills and other expenses that can result from an accident.