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Why do I need an attorney after an accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Personal injury

We have all seen commercials where a lawyer is asking if you have been in an accident. Personal injury attorneys seem to be persistent in getting new clients who have suffered an injury, but are their services worth it? After all, the insurance companies seem to do a well enough job taking care of their clients.

It may surprise you how expensive a car accident can be. If an accident called for medical services, the bill for recovering could cost tens of thousands of dollars, and insurance companies may not provide you with the compensation you need right away.

What does an attorney do for me?

You may feel as though your insurance provider or the provider for the at-fault party will look out for you, but it is essential to remember that insurance companies are a business. Like any other business, it is their goal to maximize profits, not give away all their money.

If you cannot trust insurance companies to provide you with what you need to recover, who can you trust? It is your lawyer’s job to protect your best interests during your claim for fair compensation. They know how to correctly value your current and future costs of an injury, and negotiate for a settlement that is not a lowball offer from the insurance companies.

Experienced attorneys can also assist in completing the claims process in a timely and efficient manner. These lawyers also keep their clients from making mistakes that may jeopardize the compensation they are trying to earn. Saying the wrong thing to the defendant’s team could cause a victim to lose a portion or all of their settlement.

Trust in an attorney

Lawyers know how to negotiate for a settlement that fairly reflects the current and future consequences of your injury. They can help you avoid costly mistakes and also receive your fair compensation as fast as possible. For your best possible outcome, contact a personal injury attorney immediately after your accident.