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Liability in truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Truck Accidents

When parties are involved in a truck accident it is sometimes unclear who is at fault because more than one party contributed to causing a collision. However, residents of Illinois and other states should know some situations when parties are more clearly labile for causing vehicle accidents.

Rear-end collisions

A rear-end collision is when a vehicle strikes the rear of another vehicle causing an incident. In most situations, the vehicle that struck the rear of the other vehicle will be at fault for the accident despite attenuating circumstances. Sometimes, if the lead vehicle stopped fast or moved in reverse, that driver can still be liable, but in many instances, the vehicle that strikes the rear of another vehicle will be liable.

Drunk driving

Far too often individuals drive vehicles while they are under the influence of alcohol. This increase the likelihood that an accident will occur because drunk drivers are less capable of making decisions on the road. As a result, drunk drivers will usually be held liable for accidents, and individuals hit by drunk drivers should let their personal injury attorney know that the other driver was driving while intoxicated.

Impaired driving

If a driver is operating a vehicle while they are otherwise impaired, either by lack of sleep, medical issues, or other reasons, they will usually be held liable for any collisions they cause while impaired. As a result, it is critical that drivers only take to the road when they are fully capable of handling their vehicle.

Mechanical failure

Sometimes accidents are caused because a vehicle is experiencing a technical issue such as a loss of braking, inoperative turn signals, or other issues. In most instances, the driver of the vehicle experiencing mechanical failure will be liable for a collision, but it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney to ensure that your rights are being protection after a truck accident.