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What common hazards are there in a lab?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Working in a laboratory could bring many surprises thanks to the scientific discoveries that occur. However, not all surprises are welcome ones. Laboratories come with dangers, and those working in a lab may fall victim to an accident. Scientists and other workers who spend significant time in lab should become aware of typical accidents or risks.

Lab environments may come with inherent risks

The classic image of a test tube under a lit Bunsen burner seems harmless, but there could be significant risks. Any open flame presents a potential for burning someone or starting a fire. If the contents in a test tube splash or explode, could they burn the skin or cause blindness? Even a brief distraction might lead to bumping into a tube and suffering an unfortunate mishap.

Don’t overlook the dangers of tripping of a lab chair or some other objects in the room. A laboratory could become cluttered with many different items. If not properly cleaned and organized, slip-and-fall hazards are possible. Spilling liquids in the lab might also lead to slipping and falling.

The dangers of exposure to harmful substances

A lab might be home to dangerous chemical and biological hazards. Contamination of any kind may require immediate and precise cleaning steps. Gloves and lab coats serve a vital purpose, so hopefully, employers make them available.

Even toxic fume exposure might be possible, and the potential for danger may increase in a poorly ventilated room. Immediate medical attention may be necessary upon inhaling certain gases or fumes.

Lab workers who suffer an injury and miss work may have a legitimate workers’ comp claim. Those unfamiliar with how to file a claim might benefit from hiring an attorney. An attorney may assist with completing necessary applications and submitting them.