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What mistakes do drivers often make after car accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Car Accidents

Not getting contact information from witnesses represents an often-made mistake committed by Illinois residents involved in a car accident. Nervousness and shock after an accident could lead people to do things they otherwise regret. Some mistakes, however, might be more significant than others. Perhaps drivers should verse themselves on typical mistakes and how to avoid them.

Basic things to remember

Safety and health checks might be the top priorities after an accident. Drivers need to see if they require immediate medical attention. Doing the same for passengers in the vehicle seems advisable, as well. Even when seemingly unhurt, seeking medical attention after an accident could be advisable. Accident victims may suffer injuries and never realize it.

Procuring contact and insurance information from the other driver may support a smoother claims process. If the driver pulls away, don’t forget to notate the license plate number. Besides reporting a hit and run, the license plate could assist with identifying the driver and following up with insurance claims.

Getting angry with or verbally and physically confronting the other driver may be a huge miscalculation. Out-of-control drivers may end up being arrested or sued for misbehavior. Calling the police could allow law enforcement to reduce the chances of any confrontations. Plus, contacting the police allows the officer to take a report. Not filing an accident report may be a bad idea since Illinois law requires crash reports in certain instances.

Issues concerning liability and damages

Someone who hits another car might rush out and apologize and even admit to fault. Admitting to fault could lead to a challenging situation in court, as the statement might be used as evidence. Such statements may complicate insurance investigations, too. Persons with no experience dealing with an adjuster may hurt their cause by doing so. An attorney might better handle settlement negotiations. Drivers may make crucial mistakes when involved in motor vehicle crashes. Learning about common errors could help avoid doing so.