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When could a motor vehicle accident happen?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Car Accidents

The millions of commuters traveling throughout Illinois may be used to their daily route and think that accidents only happen when they’re traveling on unfamiliar roads. However, accidents could happen at any time, even right after pulling out on the road.

Accidents may happen right away

Someone who starts their morning commute by drinking coffee behind the wheel and brushing their hair in the rear-view mirror shouldn’t turn on the ignition until they’re done. Multi-tasking while pulling away from a parking space reflects one example of distracted driving. Other vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles may get hit by a driver pulling away from the curb so recklessly distracted.

A recent study performed by Dolphin Technologies of Austria revealed that 25% of accidents occur within the first three minutes of driving. Dolphin Technologies examined 3.2 million car trips to conclude the results, so it’s worth being extremely cautious when beginning a journey in the car.

Staying on alert at all times

The point about accidents happening so soon after commencing a journey may provide a warning that drivers will benefit from staying alert at all times behind the wheel. Any lulls in concentration or attention to safety may result in a collision.

Imagine a vehicle stopped behind another at a red light. The light turns red, and the rear vehicle immediately steps on the gas and causes a rear-end collision. While not necessarily occurring within the first three minutes of a trip, the accident happens right away after coming to a complete stop.

Car accidents might happen at any time or any place in Illinois. Individuals injured by a driver’s negligence may want to discuss matters with an attorney.