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Who is liable when a defective truck results in a crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Truck Accidents

When drivers are making their daily commutes in Illinois, large trucks are an intimidating presence. Sharing the road with these vehicles can be worrisome even before considering the possibility that the trucker and truck company are negligent in ensuring that the vehicle is completely safe. In addition to the size of semi-trucks, the speeds at which they travel and the amount of time truckers spend on the road, an understated risk is a wheel falling off and hitting others, causing catastrophic personal injuries or even death. People who have been negatively impacted by this type of incident should be cognizant of their rights.

Truck wheels can cause significant damage

The weight, size and velocity of wheels that have fallen off a truck can cause massive damage. If a tire comes loose from a truck, those who are also on the road, including passenger vehicles, motorcyclists and pedestrians, might not have a chance to avoid being hit.

In a post-accident investigation, the parts that came loose from the truck must be located and analyzed. It is possible that the tire was properly secured but came free because the truck hit a pothole or there was another road issue that served as the catalyst.

Common dangers the truck company should have noticed might include items that needed to be replaced, mechanical failures, tire defects and parts that were not installed properly. Truck companies have maintenance records and a history of repairs. If it was known that tires were a potential issue, it was the company’s responsibility to provide maintenance.

Professional assistance can gather evidence after truck accidents

Gathering evidence as to the cause of a wheel breaking free from a truck might not be foremost on the mind of a person who is injured, hospitalized, facing medical bills and experiencing challenges in returning to normalcy. It is even less of a priority for those who have just lost a loved one. Still, these facts can be crucial when thinking about options for the future. Because personal injury and wrongful death can be complex cases when they involve a trucking company, it may be beneficial to have professional assistance from the start.