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Being aware of common summer road risks to avoid car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Car Accidents

Illinois drivers take to the road with great frequency. This is especially true in the summer when kids are out of school and outdoor activities are the primary focus. With the positives of summer, there are also road dangers that arise.

Common road hazards to watch for in the summer

The summer presents unique challenges on the road. Road construction is frequently done when the weather is known to be agreeable and the work can be completed within a certain amount of time. That can create traffic congestion, construction zones and other factors leading to an accident. Tires are more vulnerable to blowouts in the summer. Potholes, nails in the road and other construction remnants can cause this. More vehicles on the road leads to a greater chance of a collision. Some people drive recklessly, are under the influence or commit other violations.

With better weather, there are more motorcyclists and bicyclists. Changing lanes can be treacherous and spark an auto accident. Younger drivers are on the road in the summer. With their inexperience, penchant for distraction and other youthful mistakes, they should be watched. Summer storms can cause wet roads, skidding and impair vision. Since people spend their days being active in the summer, they may be tired behind the wheel. Drowsy driving – especially at night – can be problematic.

After an auto accident, experienced advice can be helpful

Even people who are cognizant of summer driving hazards can be in car accidents. This can result in medical bills and wages lost from being unable to work. The reason the accident occurred might be imperative when considering available alternatives. For example, if it was because of a distracted driver this could need to be shown for a successful claim for compensation. After an accident, consulting with an attorney can be beneficial in assessing how to proceed.