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The rate of injury from power tools

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Residents of Illinois may want to learn more about how accidents from power tools can cause workers to file a claim for compensation. Hand injuries may occur from the use of chain saws, electric saws and hand grinders. In one study, contact with direct saw blades was the most common cause of injuries.

The government study involved 594 subjects who had been injured by power tools. Of these cases, 261 cases were injuries to the hand and upper extremities. Participants had an average age of 53.2 years, and most were male. Both occupational and non-occupational people were part of the survey.

What trends did researchers see?

January had the fewest injuries while May and October had the most. Of the power tools, electric saws caused the most injuries. Hand grinders were next, followed by engine saws.

Which fingers on the hand had the most injuries?

The thumb and index finger had the most injuries. They accounted for over half of all the damage to fingers. The fingers that received the most injuries include, in order, the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and pinkie finger. Other parts of the hand were injured as well; the excelsior tendon had the most injuries at 80, and following that were fractures with a total of 75 people injured.

What were the most common types of injuries?

Blade contact, by far, took the place of being the most common type with 215 cases. Kickback of power tools took second place with 22.

It is evident that power tools may cause workers’ compensation claims for benefits. Whether a worker was injured due to employer negligence, another worker’s carelessness or a simple accident, workers’ comp benefits may help cover medical expenses and lost wages.