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Why are tire bursts common in the summer?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Car Accidents

You may be wondering why summer is known as the blowout season. Well, this is because, during this season, tire bursts are common. In Illinois, tire bursts are most frequent when the weather is hot. Unfortunately, tire bursts can lead to fatal car accidents.

What causes tire blowouts in the summer?

Many issues may cause tire blowouts in the summer. They include:

  1. Worn out tires
    When the rubbers of your tires wear out, they lose the ability to expand and contract effectively due to pressure changes in the tire. This makes them susceptible to blowouts.
  2. Punctures
    A puncture, however small, is dangerous to your tires. These punctures increase the risk of your tires blowing out. Small punctures slowly drain out the air for your tires. As a driver, you may not notice this. If you over speeding with such a tire, you are likely to get a blowout.
  3. Vehicle overload
    Overloaded vehicles put a lot of pressure on the tires. Too much pressure may cause these tires to burst.

These factors increase the odds of your tires bursting during summer. Nonetheless, the most prevalent cause of tire bursts during the summer is the heat. Summer is hot, and this heat is dangerous for your tires.

Your tires work well in medium temperatures. When it gets too hot, the air inside your tires heats up, increasing the internal pressure. The tire therefore expands.

The rubber material of the tire can comfortably accommodate this expansion. However, the stress and friction put on the tire, both by the vehicle and the road, may overwhelm it causing it to burst.

What to do to reduce tire blowout during summer

Tire blowouts are dangerous and often lead to horrific car accidents. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce tire blowouts. For instance, when driving on a hot day, ensure you maintain minimum speed to reduce stress on your tires.

Additionally, hard as it may be, avoid situations where you will be required to slam your brakes. It is also advisable to drive on smooth straight roads as rough roads with many corners are not good for your tires. You can reduce the chances of your tires blowing up by being more cautious on the road.