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Are overhead crane operators at risk for musculoskeletal disorders?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Crane operators in Illinois can suffer from several different types of injuries throughout their careers. One of the most common kinds are musculoskeletal disorders that can develop over a longer period of time.

When people think of worker’s compensation, they think of major accidents or incidents that result in major injuries. Illnesses and injuries that crop up over time due to the nature of an occupation – like crane operators – can also be eligible for worker’s compensation claims.

What are some of the symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders?

A musculoskeletal disorder can be identified by the presence of pain or weakness in one or more areas of your body. The pain will usually radiate from your bones and muscles.

Other symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders include a decreased range of motion, joint stiffness and inflammation. The pain might come and go or become more persistent during a flare-up.

Why are crane operators at greater risk?

Crane operators are at greater risk because of the way they must position themselves while working. Looking down and bending over the operating system are common. Holding these positions for short amounts of time isn’t an issue, but crane operators often have to stay in place for hours at a time.

Infrequent breaks and long hours in this position can lead to musculoskeletal disorders over time. Sometimes the pain might seem sudden or unrelated but can often be traced back to repeated stress from posture and positioning.

Are crane operators eligible for workers’ compensation?

Many people assume that muscular disorders and other illnesses that develop over a long period of time aren’t eligible for worker’s compensation. That’s not the case. If there’s proof, like a doctor’s note, that your musculoskeletal disorder stems from the way that you work as a crane operator, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation.

Filing for worker’s compensation is a long process. Before trying for worker’s compensation, reach out to a lawyer and look at all of your options.