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What are common hazards for motorcycle riders in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle, but it can come with a lot of hazards. Even experienced Illinois drivers are exposed to hazards that can put them in dangerous situations when riding a motorcycle.

A huge part of avoiding motorcycle accidents is just about the rider being aware and having quick reflexes. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t external risks that put motorcycle drivers in danger, though.

Can road conditions make motorcycle accidents more common?

Cars are generally built to withstand most road conditions. However, motorcycles are built a little differently.

Motorcycle riders going down graveled roads are more prone to accidents. Loose gravel can make it hard for motorcycle tires to keep their grip, causing the motorcycle to spin out or react unpredictably.

Motorcycles also don’t handle well in inclement weather. Things like snow, ice and even rain can cause motorcycles to slide out from under a driver on turns or otherwise cause a crash.

What risks do cars pose to motorcycle riders?

One of the biggest hazards to motorcycle riders is other drivers on the roads, specifically cars. It doesn’t take much to knock a rider off their motorcycle, either.

Cars that panic-stop, or come to a full stop without warning, are also a hazard. Motorcyclists rely on their front wheels to break, and having to break really quickly can send a rider off their motorcycle.

Cars swerving into incoming traffic or moving too close to motorcyclists are a huge contributor to motorcycle accidents. Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents, both in general and related to motorcycles.

Oftentimes, cars will pull out without noticing a motorcycle, or they’ll take a left turn without seeing an approaching biker. A parked car might even open their door in front of a motorcyclist, causing a severe accident.

It can be hard for drivers to spot motorcycles, especially if that driver is distracted already. If you believe that your motorcycle accident was caused by another driver, reach out to a lawyer today.