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Common hazards in manufacturing workplaces

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Working in manufacturing is unlike many other work environments because so many people are typically moving in a confined space or in conjunction with other employees. The opportunity for accidents to occur is prevalent at all times, and sometimes even more so when all workers are not safety conscious. Plant managers understand this issue well, and all companies have set forth a safety program of some type to address accident reduction and any potential injuries being suffered by employees. This is very common in Illinois due to its being home to countless manufacturing operations. Here are a few hazards that these workers often face while at on the job.

Slip and fall hazards

Slipping and falling while on duty is a very common workplace accident that happens at every facility from time to time. Many factories use water and chemicals during assembly of products, and many times these work necessities can spill onto walkways and work spaces without proper warnings being posted. Slip and fall injuries are actually some of the most common occurrences resulting in workers’ compensation claims.

Toxic airborne chemicals

There are also airborne dangers in many workplace environments that go unnoticed in the atmosphere. While this typically does not result in an accident, long-term exposure to harmful chemicals can create lung damage for some workers, such as developing mesothelioma from asbestos contamination. These are also common issues in many Illinois workers’ compensation claims.

Pinch points and close quarter work

Another hazard in many manufacturing facilities are pinch points and the potential for being injured by other workers that are performing their work duties, such as driving a forklift and transportation equipment in close range of others during operation hours. Workers typically are in a rush in production driven situations, and injuries can occur quickly when workers are in a hurry to complete an assignment.