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The results of drunk driving

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2021 | Car Accidents

Roughly 28 deaths occur each day due to drunk driving. Motor vehicle accidents happen for many reasons, but those caused by alcohol have deadlier impacts. In Illinois, female pedestrians, which include those with children, have a higher chance of being struck by a driver. The impact of drunk driving on the public should be known, but you must also be aware of your legal responsibility. In the state, a BAC of .08 can put you behind bars and ruin your life.

Impaired judgment

Motor vehicle accidents occur when you can no longer make logical decisions. Extracting the peripheral data you need to safely operate a vehicle calls for cognition. When intoxicated, however, some drivers can’t see that hitting something or someone is wrong. In such cases, the driver fails to avoid an accident due to impaired judgment.

Failed reactions

The effect of alcohol causes the human brain to slow, rendering it unable to send data and responses properly. Due to this same reason, people enjoy drinking as it alters how chemicals, like dopamine, transfer within the brain. The slowed response you have while drinking disables your body from responding to danger when it arises. Some examples of symptoms that reveal how much your brain is delayed when drinking include:

• Slurring your words or having trouble hearing others

• Being unable to walk in a straight line or get out of a chair

• Hearing people tell you that you’re doing things you’re unaware of

• Blacking out and a heavy feeling of drowsiness

Physical, mental, and financial

The results of car accidents caused by drinking are detrimental. Without taking precautions against it, drunk driving negatively affects your body. You and others get injured. The guilt of knowing your actions resulted in what you didn’t intend is mentally troublesome. Be it for legal, funerary, or insurance reasons, drunk driving ruins your finances.

Keeping history in mind

Motor vehicle accidents that are caused by intoxication have increased 44% since 1985. The fight against this reality is one to be achieved together, and you can do your part without drinking.