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Another recall due to faulty airbags in Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Car Accidents

Defective airbags have caused many injuries and even deaths of drivers in Illinois and the country as a whole. A Japanese automotive parts company that makes airbags, Takata Corporation, has recalled vehicles affected for repair and the necessary replacement. Here’s what you need to know about this recall and what to do about it.

Why are these airbags defective?

When Takata designed the airbags, the manufacturer used ammonium nitrate as the propellant but failed to add a drying agent to control it. Ammonium nitrate used in the airbag reacts negatively to moisture. The more it degrades, the more likely it will explode, sending the metallic shrapnel from the car compartments into a driver or passenger’s face, neck and torso.

The speed at which these items can hit the body leads to deadly injuries and sometimes death. You don’t have to be in an auto accident for these airbags to deploy: They can just burst out randomly when driving smoothly on the road, causing harm to you and other road users.

Recall zones

The NHTSA recalls car owners based on their location, specifically considering the humidity and temperatures of a region. The country is divided into three zones, with Zone A being the most vulnerable and Zone C the least. Illinois is in Zone B, the second-highest priority.

You should seek immediate help if your vehicle is recalled. To know if your vehicle’s airbags need replacement, visit the NHTSA website and enter the vehicle identification number to see if you are on the list. The VIN is the 17-character number on your car’s registration card, on the lower left side of your car’s windshield and on your insurance card.

Holding Takata accountable for defective airbags

If you’ve suffered serious injuries due to defective products like car airbags, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. If you win the case, an Illinois court may order the automotive company to pay for your medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity and lost income.

Save your life and those of your loved ones by taking a vehicle with faulty airbags in for repairs and replacements. The process is free for cars under the recall.