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3M to Discontinue “Forever Chemicals”

3M, the multinational conglomerate known for producing a wide range of products including adhesives, abrasives, and medical supplies, announced that it will phase out the use of “forever chemicals” in its products. Illinois residents should be aware of the impact any exposure to toxic substances may have on their health so they can act accordingly. […]

Why Are Truck Accidents More Common in Winter?

It goes without saying that the winter season brings weather that makes driving difficult or even unsafe, particularly in midwestern states like Illinois. However, many motorists make the assumption that professional truck drivers and other commercial vehicle operators have the expertise and equipment to overcome winter weather conditions with practiced ease. Even so, truck accidents […]

Preventing Workplace Back Injuries

Working from day to day is painful enough at times. There’s no need to compound the situation by succumbing to avoidable injuries on the job. Regarding workplace accidents in Southern Illinois, prevention is the key to staying healthy and safe. The most common workplace injuries Even if someone isn’t employed in an environment that requires […]

Green Sprouts Recalls Defective Juvenile Drinking Cups

If you are an Illinois parent with young children, you probably have one or more sippy cups or water bottles that they use. Check the brand of these products, as any manufactured by Green Sprouts could be part of a recall that alleges a possible lead poisoning risk. Products involved in the November 2022 recall […]

Common Hazards of Driving in Winter

Winter driving can be treacherous in Illinois. If you’re not prepared for the hazards, you could end up in a motor vehicle accident. It’s important to be aware of the dangers and use caution when driving in winter conditions. Poor visibility When snow, sleet and rain are falling, it can be difficult to see what’s […]

Understanding the Most Dangerous Jobs

In Illinois, it’s not uncommon for workers to receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries or illnesses that occur on the job. But workers in certain professions are more likely to be injured than workers in other industries, with some posing a high risk of severe injury or even death. Construction Construction work involves various hazardous […]

Common Winter Work Injuries

Specific industries become more dangerous during winter. Many people must deal with commuting to work in the snow, but some workers face the risks of snow, ice and cold in person. According to the CDC, the industries most at risk are outdoor workers and people who must work in poorly insulated environments like warehouses. With winter […]

Avoid Using Male-To-Male Extension Cords

Illinois consumers buy products expecting them to work properly and safely. However, some items slip through the cracks and turn out to be dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging people to immediately stop using male-to-male extension cords for their safety. CPSC issues urgent warning about specific extension cords The CPSC has issued an […]

Understanding Workplace Injuries in Illinois

Back injuries are common in the workplace. Workers’ compensation claims for back injuries account for a significant portion of all workers’ compensation costs. Which are the most common causes of workplace back injuries? One of the most common causes of workplace back injuries is lifting objects that are too heavy. The muscles and ligaments in the back […]

The Biggest Risks Teens Face While Behind the Wheel

Illinois teens look forward to the privilege of driving. It gives them a better sense of independence, but at the same time, teen drivers face a variety of risks. These are a few of the most common that can lead to a car accident. Being male Male teens face a much higher risk of deadly crashes compared […]