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The common causes of car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Car Accidents

Car accidents are a fact of life in Illinois in both the urban areas and the rural regions of the state. Collisions happen for a wide variety of reasons, but many accidents are the result of driver activity or failure to pay close attention while in transit.

Distracted driving

While distracted driving is not the most common cause for car accidents, evidence of being distracted in some manner is very common. This is especially true in accidents where any involved driver was using a cellphone at the time. Even modern hands-free devices can still be problematic because driver’s mind is elsewhere while on a phone call. Other activity within the vehicle is also a common component of case evidence when injury claims are evaluated.

Driver inattention

Driver inattention is more akin to daydreaming while driving than using a device or talking to other passengers. Disregarding yield signs is a primary example, but other activities such as listening to loud music can also cause accidents. It is important to be able to hear what is happening around the vehicle at all times, especially in congested traffic or when around motorcyclists.

Drowsiness and fatigue

Many drivers who are commuting to and from work or truckers who have been driving for extended time periods experience fatigue or drowsiness while in transit. Auto accidents often involve drowsiness not only when the driver is tired but also when they are inebriated. Use of drugs or alcohol while driving is unlawful and often deadly.

It is vital for all Illinois drivers to pay close attention when behind the wheel with both hands available for operation. Driving is a two-handed function, and even drinking coffee on the way to work can be a distraction when in traffic. It’s important to always be conscious of what is happening around a vehicle.