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Automated Driving Dangers
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Advancements in technology may drive consumer interest in vehicles. Modern car technology that automates a model’s operation could appeal to those wishing to make commutes easier. Unfortunately, automated cars might come with safety risks that could give some Illinois prospective buyers second thoughts.

Automated cars and their dangers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration made its concerns about partially automated driver-assist systems in a small number of vehicles. Although such technology is not commonplace, the limited number of models of the road contributed to 392 crashes. Although the data examines 12 automakers, the numbers reveal 273 collisions involving Tesla vehicles.

Driver-assisted technology often assists with steering and controlling speeding. If the technology fails in some way, an accident might result. The driver could be liable sometimes if they ignore safety while traveling on autopilot.

Liabilities and driver-assistance programs

Drivers have a responsibility to avoid behavior that causes motor vehicle accidents. Taking attention away from the road and relying solely on autopilot programs could be dangerous. Drivers must be ready to take action to avoid an accident. Becoming distracted entirely by choice might be highly negligent. Leaving safety to the installed tech while directing all attention to an entertainment system could cost someone a life.

Drivers who drive when too fatigued or intoxicated may cause an accident. Automated driving software won’t likely compensate for someone in no condition to drive.

The manufacturer may face a product liability lawsuit after a crash when the technology suffers from flaws. Ignoring safety warnings or not sending necessary software updates properly might reflect negligent actions.

Lawsuits against manufacturers and drivers might be substantial when resulting in wrongful death or severe injuries. Be mindful that insurance settlements may cover some or all damages after a crash.