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4 Farm Equipment Design Defects That Pose Safety Risks

Farm equipment plays a key role in modern agriculture, making various tasks more efficient and manageable. However, when not designed with safety in mind, these machines can pose significant risks to operators and farm workers. 1. Inadequate safety guards One of the primary design defects in farm equipment is the absence of or inadequate safety […]

Injuries From Candles Sold by Target Leads to Recall

When people in Illinois buy products for personal use, they are not expecting to be severely injured. However, some products are defective. This might be because of faulty design, not being sufficiently tested, poor maintenance or other missteps, and these factors sometimes lead to severe injury. Injuries can even happen with seemingly innocuous products that […]

Uncovering the Statistics of Unrepaired Vehicle Recalls in the U.S.

The safety of a vehicle is a primary concern for motorists everywhere. Car manufacturers frequently issue recalls for vehicles with defects that could potentially endanger passengers. However, a considerable number of these recalls often go unresolved, leaving millions of unsafe cars on the road. Reports reveal that a staggering 2.5 million vehicles with urgent recalls remain unrepaired […]

Toyota Affiliate Allegedly Cheated Safety Tests

Daihatsu, an affiliate of the Toyota Motor Corporation, faces allegations for rigging portions of their doors during safety tests for side collisions. These tests were performed on about 88,000 small-sized vehicles, and the majority of them were sold as part of Toyota’s brand. This news could be relevant if you’re a Toyota driver in Illinois. […]

Cronobacter Fears Prompt Baby Formula Recall

Illinois residents who purchased Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula recently should check the packaging carefully before feeding the product to their babies. That is because Reckitt, which is the U.K.-based company that makes Enfamil infant formulas, has issued a voluntary recall due to a possible cross-contamination with a germ that can be deadly to […]

3M to Discontinue “Forever Chemicals”

3M, the multinational conglomerate known for producing a wide range of products including adhesives, abrasives, and medical supplies, announced that it will phase out the use of “forever chemicals” in its products. Illinois residents should be aware of the impact any exposure to toxic substances may have on their health so they can act accordingly. […]