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How Can Truck Blind Spots Lead to Accidents?

In the intricate dance of traffic on highways, trucks are the behemoths that transport goods across vast distances. However, blind spots come along with their sheer size and weight. Also known as no-zones, these places are areas around a truck where the trucker’s line of sight is poor. These blind spots can have severe consequences, […]

How Do Truck Rollover Accidents Happen on the Road?

When you are near a truck carrying cargo on the road, you may realize the dangers of what could happen if it were to roll over. If this accident does happen, it can cause a serious collision. Learning about the problems that occur before a rollover accident happens is key to understanding why it happened. […]

The Baffling Trucking Industry Resistance to Underride Guards

Large commercial trucks travel the highways and byways throughout the nation. Vehicles carrying trailers more than 50 feet long bring goods to consumers from border to border. However, not all of them make it to their respective designations. Fleets of powerful vehicles making contact with much smaller vehicles result in what can only be described […]

Fatigued Truck Drivers: A Clear and Present Danger

Hard-working, long-haul truck drivers are invaluable in bringing goods and services from coast to coast. However, with that hard work often comes fatigue that sees far too many operators sacrificing sleep to reach their destinations. Potentially tragic trends Surveys put the number of workers getting less than seven hours of sleep per day is considered […]

Roadcheck 2023 Is Coming Soon

Drivers on Illinois roads need to be aware of a significant new program. International Roadcheck 2023 is designed to be a 72-hour safety inspection and enforcement initiative covering all of the United States. This program is being sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). What is the purpose of Roadcheck 2023? Roadcheck 2023 is […]

Preventing Truck Accidents Due to Improper Loading

Truck accidents caused by poor cargo loading can have devastating consequences. These accidents can cause serious injuries, property damage and even fatalities. Poor cargo loading is a common cause of truck accidents in Illinois, and it’s critical to understand the risks involved and how to prevent them. What constitutes poor cargo loading? Poor cargo loading refers […]

Evidence to Compile for Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

Truck accidents often cause more damage than other vehicles due to their size. In 2018 alone, over 5,000 trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes. Those who bear the brunt of the damage are often those in passenger vehicles. This damage can be damage to the vehicles, physical injury, and emotional trauma. Collecting evidence […]

Why Are Truck Accidents More Common in Winter?

It goes without saying that the winter season brings weather that makes driving difficult or even unsafe, particularly in midwestern states like Illinois. However, many motorists make the assumption that professional truck drivers and other commercial vehicle operators have the expertise and equipment to overcome winter weather conditions with practiced ease. Even so, truck accidents […]

What Are Some Common Injuries Sustained After a Truck Accident?

Accidents are bound to happen with so many commercial trucks regularly traveling on Illinois roads daily. When they do, victims can be left to deal with the aftermath, which often involves catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, these are the most common after a truck accident. Lacerations With the destruction that comes with a truck accident, it’s common for […]

Fatigue and the Truck Driving Profession

Many truck drivers spend hours upon hours traveling throughout the country for their profession. This contributes to fatigue, which increases the risk of accidents on Illinois roads. A truck driver might be so exhausted that falling asleep at the wheel may occur. A deadly multicar crash might follow when a driver passes out, so they […]