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Common Winter Work Injuries
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Specific industries become more dangerous during winter. Many people must deal with commuting to work in the snow, but some workers face the risks of snow, ice and cold in person. According to the CDC, the industries most at risk are outdoor workers and people who must work in poorly insulated environments like warehouses.

With winter comes the busiest time of the year for many employees. Continue reading to learn more about winter injuries. Understanding the risks might help you avoid a winter-related accident this holiday season.

Cold exposure

Cold exposure affects thousands of outdoor workers. Injuries such as frostbite, inflamed blood vessels and hypothermia are risks for many laborers. According to OSHA, couriers, construction workers, recreational workers, police officers, firefighters and snow cleanup crews are most at risk. Take care to avoid exposure to wet conditions and bring a change of outerwear if possible. Hypertension, diabetes and hypothyroidism are also risk factors for cold-related injuries.


Slips, trips and falls are a safety hazard for many blue-collar professionals. Waste management, public service and construction workers are just a few industries that must remain vigilant and hold their employers accountable for providing a safe environment.

Commercial vehicle accidents

Delivery drivers, truckers and other couriers face poor road conditions. With these dangerous conditions comes increased pressure to deliver packages on time for the holiday season. Employees should double-check their company’s policy for driving during winter conditions.

Between the cold, ice and snow, winter introduces several risks to the workforce. Workers affected by winter conditions should remain proactive with their employers to ensure they have the proper protection.