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Dealing with a Concussion After a Car Crash
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A car accident may result in a number of injuries including a concussion. Ideally, you will travel to an Illinois hospital for medical treatment after a wreck so that a timely and proper diagnosis can be made. The sooner that you seek treatment, the easier it typically is to minimize the short and long-term physical and mental damage a concussion may cause.

Dealing with physical symptoms

Physical symptoms of a concussion may include a headache, sensitivity to light or sensitivity to loud noises. You may be required to remain in a dark and quiet room for several hours or days to help your body heal. Your doctor may prescribe pain relieving medication to help with any pain that you might experience in the days, weeks and months after a wreck. In addition, you may be prohibited from driving, playing contact sports or engaging in other activities that may make you vulnerable to further injury.

Dealing with emotional symptoms

The aftermath of an accident may leave you feeling irritable and anxious regardless of the severity of your injuries. However, a concussion can cause mood and personality changes that may cause you to lash out or engage in other behaviors that are out of character. It may be a good idea to work with a therapist or lean on family and friends for support if you are depressed or anxious after a motor vehicle accident.

Recovery takes time

Although it may be difficult to hear, it may take several months to achieve a full recovery from a concussion. In some cases, the effects of a concussion will remain with you for good. Therefore, it’s important that you find healthy ways to cope with something that could present a significant interruption to your life.