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Do’s and Dont’s After a Car Accident
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No one expects to be involved in a car accident in Illinois. When the unexpected happens, though, it helps to be somewhat prepared. Knowing what to do and what not to do right after a crash can be crucial in those scary and stressful moments.

Do stay at the scene

The most important things to remember after a car accident are to stay at the scene, check to see that everyone is ok, and call the police. If you leave the scene of a crash that you were involved in, you may get into legal trouble even if the accident was not your fault.

Don’t admit fault

Car accidents are chaotic, and determining which driver was at fault can be complicated. It’s a mistake to admit that an accident was your fault at the crash scene. You may be mistaken, and your admission of guilt could later be used against you in a lawsuit.

Do collect information

If you are able to take pictures and videos of your crash scene, you should do so. Remember to try to get photos that show the cars’ positions on the road as well as close-ups of any damage. You should also try to write down the names, phone numbers and driver’s license numbers of everyone who was involved.

Don’t say you’re OK

Adrenaline is pumping after a car accident, and you might not feel the pain of your injuries right away. It’s also possible that you have hidden injuries like whiplash or internal bleeding that you are not aware of. Never say you are ok or turn down a medical evaluation after a car accident.