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Faulty Products Can Lead to Product Liability
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Many people in Illinois, especially in rural areas, have purchased generators to safeguard their homes against all types of disasters. However, is the one you bought safe, especially if it is a gas-powered model? Possibly not, as the shut-off switch may fall short of preventing deaths from its carbon monoxide.

Voluntary industry standards may not be sufficient

An April 2022 report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicated that a gas-powered generator used by a Louisiana family last fall after a hurricane swept through their area did not shut off, as promised by the manufacturer, when carbon monoxide levels became too high inside their home. That incident resulted in the deaths of the homeowner and her two children due to exhaust fumes. Their deaths exposed a common defective product deficiency in the generator industry, which many officials have noted.

The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association has indicated that a shut-off switch should prevent more than 99% of deaths associated with what the organization calls “misuse.” The organization says the incident in Louisiana had less than a 1% chance of happening.

Nevertheless, the findings from that incident have added to a growing call to make generators safer. The CPSC has indicated that it intends to propose new mandatory restrictions to enforce generator safety upgrades in 2023. Deaths from generators have followed a typical pattern following major weather events.

Protecting yourself from product defects

Not all products deemed safe may actually be safe. Thus, you could end up as a victim of product liability even if you thought the product was safe. Anytime a product injures you, even if it hasn’t been recognized as a danger, you can file a product liability claim that can help you pay doctor and medical claims for the injury, along with other living expenses if you are unable to work.

Whenever a product doesn’t work as it should and injures you, you can file a product liability claim. Manufacturers have a responsibility to sell safe products. Anytime those products fail and injure you or anyone in your household, you can file a claim to pay for medical expenses and more.