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How Can Someone Driving While Drowsy Lead to an Accident?
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When other people around you are falling asleep while operating a vehicle, they may cause an accident without even realizing what is going on. The mental fogginess and slow reactions that come from being in a state of sleep can influence how they drive.

After noticing this, you may wonder about the problems that happen when someone who is falling asleep drives while drowsy.

Being less alert

According to the United States Department of Transportation, some people may choose to drive after taking medications that make them feel tired. If they get on the road expecting this symptom to wear off and for them to not worry about any noticeable side effects, they could mistakenly assume they will not fall asleep.

Even a few seconds of this mental state can lead to them crashing into the back or side of another car. This fatigue can also leave them open to losing their grip on the wheel or hesitating when turning or stopping, which could cause an accident.

Reacting slowly to obstacles

When a person is falling asleep, they may not brake in time to avoid another car or barrier along the road. This drowsy driver may insist that coffee is just as good as a full night’s sleep because they do not want to take a break. Workers who have night shifts or sleep at different times during the day may also be at risk for drowsy driving.

Dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be stressful, so knowing more about why fatigued drivers cause accidents is important.