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How Do Truck Rollover Accidents Happen on the Road?
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When you are near a truck carrying cargo on the road, you may realize the dangers of what could happen if it were to roll over. If this accident does happen, it can cause a serious collision.

Learning about the problems that occur before a rollover accident happens is key to understanding why it happened.

Quick and sudden movements

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, if a truck does not maintain the correct speed for the road it is on, then the resulting momentum could lead to it swaying and eventually rolling over. This includes the trucker turning suddenly or taking a turn too sharply.

Unsecured loads

When transporting heavier loads than normal, truckers need to make sure to secure them in place while on the road. If these loads shift, they may throw off the balance of the vehicle and leave it lurching forward. This sudden shift in weight can make the truck itself roll over.

Lack of proper distance for braking

Truckers need to start slowing down at a different time than most drivers when coming to a total stop since their vehicles are larger and heavier. If the trucker does not account for the time and distance they need and brake too hard, it could cause the truck to flip forward.

Failure to account for obstacles

Driving over a bump or other obstacle on the road can make the truck skid or start to roll. Whether this moves the wheels or shifts the body of the truck, it can be hard to stop.

Being aware of all the ways truckers can cause an accident is key when you are dealing with injuries after a crash.