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How to Keep Yourself Safe Behind the Wheel This Fall
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The weather cooling down in Illinois is a sign that fall is almost here. Before you grab a pumpkin spice coffee or decorate jack-o-lanterns, it’s good to learn a few tips to help you drive safely in fall weather.

Falling leaves

One of the signature sights of fall is seeing leaves on the ground. While they look nice, leaves can pose a significant danger to drivers. Most of the time, these dangers have less to do with leaves and more with what they can hide. A pile of leaves can hide potholes, tire-shredding nails and other things that could damage your car. You can drive safely in the fall by safely avoiding or approaching piles of leaves with caution.

Driving at night

Everyone knows that the weather cools down as fall approaches. The sun also sets earlier during the fall. Spending more time driving in the dark can make you feel sleepy. Driving in the dark also means reduced visibility. You can help prevent motor vehicle accidents during this time by driving with caution and using your brights when no other drivers are present.

Animals on roads

When fall arrives, this season brings earlier sunrises. Unfortunately, earlier sunrises can pose new dangers depending on when you typically drive. Morning drivers will want to watch out for animals on roadways like deer. The size and speed of an average dear can cause a ton of damage to your car.


It’s not uncommon for fall mornings to be quite foggy. You can drive safely in foggy weather by traveling slowly. Fog reduces your visibility, causing you to risk hitting another driver if you’re going too fast.

Don’t let the beauty of this season distract you. Plenty of car accidents happen in the fall. Avoid your risk of getting into an accident by always using caution behind the wheel.