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Injuries From Candles Sold by Target Leads to Recall
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When people in Illinois buy products for personal use, they are not expecting to be severely injured. However, some products are defective. This might be because of faulty design, not being sufficiently tested, poor maintenance or other missteps, and these factors sometimes lead to severe injury.

Injuries can even happen with seemingly innocuous products that should pose limited or no danger at all. Product-related injuries can send people to the hospital, result in major medical expenses, lost time at work and other problems.

Target initiates major recall of candles due to customer injuries

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled candles sold by Target because some customers suffered burns and lacerations from them. Nearly five million candles from Threshold in various sizes and scents were subject to the recall.

The most recent statistics say six people were injured. Overall, the latest count for Threshold candles purchased from Target that broke or cracked amounted to 137. These items were sold in the store and online between August 2019 and March 2023. People who return the candles are entitled to a full refund.

Even though Target has taken the necessary steps to address this problem, people need to be aware that even common everyday products they purchased can put them in jeopardy. Products can be faulty whether they are purchased from a large or small retailer or are made by a well-known and reputable company.

In addition to the immediate challenges this can cause, defective products can lead to long-term problems as well. People of all ages can be harmed.

Those injured by defective products need to know who is responsible

Whether those who sold or created the product initiate a recall, it does not eliminate the injuries it might have caused. Accidents can be costly. People who bought or used a product that ended up being defective should have a grasp of the law regarding these complex issues and work with a lawyer to ensure optimal outcomes.