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5 common causes of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle ownership is on rise, and so are accidents. This is a nationwide trend and Illinois is no exception. For motorcyclists, few crashes are minor. Unlike automobile operators, riders are uniquely vulnerable to serious bodily injury and death. According to 2013 figures from the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, motorcycle accident fatality rates exceed those of passenger vehicles 26 times over. With the alarming level of risk that accompanies motorcycle accidents, it is critical for motorcyclists to understand prevalent dangers out there on the road.

Motorcycle accidents: Illinois man killed in crash with pickup

Criminal charges can sometimes result from accidents due to certain conditions. If drivers fail to remain on the scene of car or motorcycle accidents, those individuals could face charges. Additionally, the outcomes of criminal proceedings could potentially be used in civil cases. It was recently reported that a driver involved in an Illinois accident was taken into custody after he fled the scene.

Motorcycle accidents may lead to hardships for Illinois families

Motorcyclists know the enjoyment that can come from going for rides. Unfortunately, they likely also know that there is a considerable risk of motorcycle accidents occurring that could lead to individuals suffering serious or fatal injuries. Because motorcycles are less visible than larger vehicles and have less protection, the risk of accident involvement and injury is heightened.

Investigations are important after Illinois motorcycle accidents

When a crash takes place, authorities have the duty of trying to determine what caused the accident. If the situation is a hit-and-run, investigators may initially believe that only one vehicle was involved. However, evidence and further investigating may reveal information that could prove vital when investigating car and/or motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents: Illinois man suffers fatal injuries

Though riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable experience for many individuals, there are also risks that come along with it. Motorcycle accidents can often lead to serious injuries to those involved, and in some cases, motorcyclists may not survive such an incident. If a family loses a loved one due to a motorcycle crash, they may have cause to seek legal action.

Illinois woman dies in car accident

When families lose loved ones who are young in age, they may think that the situation is unfair. Nonetheless, they must learn how to handle their loss and grief and will likely want to move forward from the situation. In order to do so, some individuals who have lost a loved one in a car accident may want to consider their legal options for pursuing compensation.

Motorcycle accidents: Riders killed in Illinois collision

It is often seemingly simple situations that can have the most devastating results. An accident that takes place between two vehicles simply because one entered the path of the other may seem like it could have been easily avoided, but unfortunately, such accidents often take place and can prove fatal. Motorcycle accidents can be especially susceptible to taking place under such circumstances due to motorcycles being more difficult to see than other vehicles. 

Impacts of Illinois motorcycle accidents may be felt by many

Individuals who do not follow the laws of the road could put themselves and other parties in danger. If drivers operate a vehicle recklessly or negligently, they may end up involved in a crash that could cause injury or death for innocent individuals. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly dangerous due to the lack of surrounding protection for cyclists, and injured parties may have cause to file legal claims.

Motorcycle accidents: Illinois crash results in fatality, injury

When an investigation must be opened into an event, it is important that as much information regarding the situation as possible is gathered. This information can help authorities determine what may have caused car and motorcycle accidents to take place and who may have potentially been at fault for such an incident. Determining the causes of and responsibility for an accident can play a considerable role in the aftermath of an accident. 

Motorcycle accidents: Fatalities result from Illinois crash

Hit and run accidents are situations that take place more often than some drivers realize. Unfortunately, when drivers leave the scenes of car or motorcycle accidents, the situation becomes more complicated. Authorities must determine what caused the crash to take place and also locate all parties that were involved. When a hit and run driver is located, that individual will likely face criminal charges.

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