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Preventing Workplace Back Injuries
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Working from day to day is painful enough at times. There’s no need to compound the situation by succumbing to avoidable injuries on the job. Regarding workplace accidents in Southern Illinois, prevention is the key to staying healthy and safe.

The most common workplace injuries

Even if someone isn’t employed in an environment that requires heavy lifting or dangerous equipment, workers are still exposed to potentially hazardous situations all the time. Just sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen all day can lead to eye strain or head and neck pain. Repetitive motion injuries are as common to office workers as they are to those in production facilities.

However, slip and falls accidents are by far the most common type of workplace injury. Many of these incidents lead to chronic back pain. In the worst cases, long-term disability could be the result.

Fortunately, many of these workplace incidents are avoidable when basic safety measures are taken.

Staying safe while getting the job done

Lifestyle plays a part in how one’s occupation impacts their personal health and safety. Not getting enough rest, poor diet, and lack of exercise outside of work contribute to an inability to stay safe on the job.

For example, someone who is out of shape would have more trouble moving or lifting heavy objects. Staying up too late on a work night might make it harder to focus and pay attention to potential hazards on the job.

Whatever one’s occupation, following these basic safety tips at work will help to avoid accidents that could end in a workers’ compensation case.

1. Use proper safety equipment on the job. Left belts, gloves, and goggles are there for a reason. Get assistance from a co-worker, when needed, and lift with the legs rather than putting strain on the back and shoulders.

2. Mind the posture. Whether at a desk, behind a customer service counter, or on a production line, avoid slouching. Distribute weight evenly on both feet when standing for long periods.

Choose a chair with proper back support, and ensure that the height is adjusted so that your feet sit flat and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Position items on the desk so that the eyes and head are facing straight ahead rather than constantly looking down at a screen.

3. Alternate repetitive tasks. Many people try to multitask at work. That’s a recipe for disaster. Customer service agents and others who must talk on the phone while doing other tasks could use a headrest. Alternate strenuous tasks with easier ones instead of doing all the heavy lifting in one session.

In the end, the best course of action anyone can take is to listen to their body. Stay aware and pay attention to your surroundings while on the job. If stress or strain sets in, take a break.