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The Basics of Shoulder Injuries in Illinois
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Truck driving is a job that’s usually characterized by long hours and irregular shifts. The nature of the job puts truck drivers at a higher risk for many forms of injuries, including shoulder injuries.

What causes shoulder injuries among truck drivers?

One of the most common causes of shoulder injuries among truck drivers is repetitive motion. This can occur when a driver is constantly reaching for the steering wheel or shifting gears. Another common cause of shoulder injuries is lifting heavy objects, such as boxes or equipment. This particularly puts strain on the rotator cuff muscles and tendons, which can lead to tears or other damage.

Thirdly, truck drivers may also suffer shoulder injuries in accidents. This could be due to the force of the impact or from being thrown around inside the cab. Last but not least, shoulder injuries can also be the result of poor posture while driving.

What should you do if you’re suffering from a shoulder injury?

If you’re suffering from a shoulder injury, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Your doctor will be able to properly diagnose your injury and recommend the best course of treatment. Make sure you get their medical report so you can submit it to your workers’ compensation insurance company.

Next, report the injury to your employer. They should have a workers’ compensation insurance policy that can cover your medical expenses and lost wages. Be sure to keep all other forms of documentation, such as medical bills and doctor’s notes, in case you need to file a claim.

Your company may then file a workers’ compensation claim with their insurance provider. The insurance company may then investigate the incident and determine if your claim is valid. Once they approve the claim, they may start making payments to you.

While you can’t completely avoid shoulder injuries, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk. First, make sure you take breaks often and stretch your muscles regularly. This will help keep your body loose and prevent repetitive motion injuries. Second, be aware of your posture while driving and try to sit up straight. Third, use proper lifting techniques when picking up heavy objects. And lastly, if you find yourself in an accident, consider reporting it to your employer right away to receive workers’ compensation benefits.