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Truck accidents: Illinois students hurt in crash with semis, bus

Many Illinois parents put their kids on school buses in the mornings and wait for them to be dropped off in the afternoons. This mode of transportation can help children get to their schools in timely and relatively safe manners. However, school buses could potentially be involved in car or truck accidents, and parents may receive news that their children have been seriously injured after such events.

Truck accidents: Serious injuries result from Illinois crash

Many drivers know that coming upon a serious accident on the roadway can be an anxiety-inducing experience. That situation can be even more terrifying for the individuals who were involved in the collision. Truck accidents are notorious for causing severe damage and injuries, and a recent crash in Illinois was no exception. One individual was killed and another seriously injured.

Illinois truck accidents can have devastating outcomes

Traveling the roadways does not come without certain risks. Car and truck accidents can  take place and cause a variety of outcomes, and as expected, those outcomes can be devastating. At the very least, property damage could result, and in worst case scenarios, individuals could be seriously injured or killed. Because of these results, determining who may have been at fault is crucial information.

Serious accidents: Illinois crash causes serious, fatal injuries

Traveling the roadway is a task that many individuals perform on a daily basis without contemplating the risk. However, serious accidents take place every day and can cause devastating outcomes to those involved. A recent crash in Illinois took place between a passenger car and a semi truck, and it resulted in one individual losing her life and two others being in critical condition.

Illinois truck accidents: Driver injured after being hit

Serious car accidents can happen to anyone unexpectedly, and a significant number of incidents involve tractor trailers. Truck accidents often cause serious injuries and/or fatalities. Sadly, this recently occurred in Illinois. The driver of  a car apparently failed to engage a signal in a timely manner before attempting to make a left turn. As a result, the SUV behind that car had to slow down to avoid hitting the car. 

Truck accidents: Illinois driver struck by tractor trailer

Many individuals know that it is important to be cautious on and around roadways. Even if individuals are stopped on the side of the road, they could be at risk of being injured. Car and truck accidents can take place due to various reasons, and if an individual is struck, it is likely that serious injuries will result. If this type of accident does occur, legal claims could be warranted. 

Truck accidents: Illinois collision claims life

When family members lose loved ones in car crashes, they can be affected by the incident forever. Fatalities can easily occur in car, motorcycle or truck accidents, and the surviving families may be left with many questions. Furthermore, they may face many hardships that could lead to a need for compensation.

Illinois truck accidents could lead to personal injury claims

Many drivers may feel a deal of apprehension when they are traveling near semi-trucks on the roadway. Because it may be difficult for truck drivers to see smaller vehicles, this apprehension is understandable. If truck drivers fail to see another vehicle when attempting to change lanes, there could be a risk of truck accidents taking place.

Serious accidents: Semi-truck, tractor collide in Illinois

In many rural areas, it is not unusual for tractors and other farm equipment to share the roadway with other vehicles. However, individuals operating such equipment could be at risk of being seriously injured if they are involved in an accident. Serious accidents can result from incidents involving a tractor and a semi-truck.

Truck accidents: Illinois crash involves numerous vehicles

When drivers are sleepy, they can pose a considerable threat to themselves and other travelers. Sleepy drivers may not be paying as much attention to their actions or the actions of others, and even more dangerously, they could possibly fall asleep behind the wheel. Truck accidents that take place due to a driver falling asleep can cause substantial damage, and individuals could be injured. 

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