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What Dangers Do Drivers Face During Summer?
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Summer can be an important time for people to travel on Illinois roadways. Unfortunately, these summer months also see an increase in fatal accidents. What should drivers know about the risks of summer roadways?

How common are roadway fatalities during summer months?

While every time of year involves unique challenges on the road, summer can bring especially serious risks. The National Safety Council notes that July and August see so many fatalities that they are among the deadliest months for drivers in the United States.

This rise in fatalities occurs for a number of reasons. The increased number of people on the road and an increase in young and inexperienced drivers mean higher traffic. Summer construction, hot weather’s impact a vehicle’s function and many other factors can create other hazards.

Summer holidays can increase roadway risk.

Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day are often occasions for celebration with friends and family. Unfortunately, these holidays also involve high rates of fatal accidents compared to other major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A portion of these fatalities are the result of alcohol consumption during these holidays. Independence Day involves a 100 percent higher risk of drunk driving fatalities compared to other days, and the week of this holiday is often the deadliest of the year. Labor Day and Memorial Day also have elevated risk of deadly accidents involving alcohol consumption.

Because summer can bring risks to drivers and passengers, it  is important for drivers to be aware of those risks. Keeping those dangers in mind can help you identify and respond to hazards and keep yourself safe on the road.