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What Steps Should You Take Right After a Car Accident?
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After a sudden and terrifying collision with another vehicle, the amount of panic you feel may overwhelm you. At this moment, taking the time to go through a mental checklist of important tasks you should do can help prevent problems later on.

By following a few simple steps, you can protect yourself and help control the situation.

Briefly talk to the other driver

According to the AARP, when you first are able to step out of your vehicle, you should check for any serious injuries that the other driver or passengers sustained. Beyond that, avoid talking to them about who was at fault for the accident.

Moving your car away from a busy road or intersection is part of this conversation since you will likely find it easier to communicate if you both are not surrounded by vehicles driving around you.

Take pictures

After visually observing what your car looks like, take photos with your phone or any other device for safekeeping. Saving these for future reference can become important when you are dealing with insurance claims.

Being able to document where certain broken pieces of your bumper or door went can help you as well. You could even take pictures of skid marks on the road, along with ones of all angles of your car.

Check if you need a tow truck

Your insurance or roadside assistance program may offer services that include towing. If your car is not safe to start up, calling a tow truck is the next best way to get it off the road.

Although you may feel shaken up after a car crash, staying calm and taking action is a great way to prevent stress when dealing with the other driver.