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What to Know about Truck Accident Claims and Related Evidence
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Truck accidents may be the collisions that commuters fear the most. A massive semi-truck crash could inflict enormous damage to a vehicle while presenting a significant fatality risk to the driver and passengers. When a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence causes harm, Illinois law provides paths for seeking compensation.

Evidence and truck collisions

Fatigue ranks as a reason for many truck crashes. A tired driver may suffer from a loss of perception or reaction time and could easily cause a collision. An investigation might later uncover text messages and company logs revealing that the driver and their employer ignored mandatory break laws. Such information could become crucial evidence in a lawsuit.

Ultimately, evidence refers to factual documentation that supports a truthful account. If a truck driver makes up an excuse for an accident, for example, but a failed drug test reveals controlled substances in the driver’s system, claims of intoxicated driving are more believable.

Other forms of evidence could be police reports, credible eyewitness statements, video footage and admissions of guilt. While it might take time to compile all the evidence, a thorough discovery process may procure compelling proof of the truck driver’s fault or their employer’s liability.

Evidence and liability claims

The truth could be challenging to hide. When motor vehicle accidents happen on a “lonely road,” it might seem more challenging to uncover the truth. However, an investigation might find evidence of negligence even when lacking witnesses or video documentation. A police investigation may reveal that the damage inflicted came from a truck traveling far above the posted speed limit.

Civil lawsuits involve proving a case by a preponderance of the evidence. Accident victims might have a stronger case than they realize once all the evidence has been compiled.