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Workplace Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore
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Illinois employers are required to take steps to prevent their employees from getting hurt. However, there are a variety of steps that you can take on your own to minimize your risk of incurring a workplace injury. These may include taking frequent breaks, using proper technique when lifting and wearing personal protective equipment when necessary.

Why do you need to take frequent breaks?

You are more prone to errors when you are tired, and this is because it’s harder to process information when you are fatigued. In addition, when you’re tired, your goal may be to simply get through your work as quickly as possible as opposed to doing so in a safe manner. Taking breaks may be even more important when working in extremely hot or cold conditions as you want to avoid dangerous conditions such as heat stroke or frostbite.

The importance of using proper technique

Lifting with your legs instead of your back can prevent injuries to both areas of your body. Lifting with the help of another person can also prevent sore muscles or other injuries that can occur when trying to move a heavy or irregularly shaped object on your own. If you work in an office, using correct posture can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other painful repetitive motion injuries.

Personal protective equipment can prevent serious injuries or death

The use of a harness may prevent you from crashing to your death after falling from a roof or a tall tree. Wearing a hard hat may protect you from a concussion if you’re hit by a falling object. You are likely eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in the event that you fall or are hit by an object while performing tasks for your employer.

If you are hurt at work, it may be possible to obtain compensation for lost wages and medical bills. Ideally, you will start the process of applying for benefits as quickly as possible to maximize the odds that your claim is approved.