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What To Do When A Car Accident Causes Fatal Injuries

It is one of most people’s worst nightmares to receive a call telling them that their loved one has been killed in a car accident. Knowing that the accident could have been prevented can make the pain of loss that much greater.

Compassionate Assistance With Fatal Car Accident Claims In Illinois And Missouri

At Bonifield & Rosenstengel, P.C., in Belleville, our attorneys are committed to carrying the legal burden of seeking justice for the loss of a loved one due to a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence or inattention. For more than 35 years, we have represented the families of loved ones killed by others’ irresponsible actions. As you focus on grieving your loss, we zealously investigate the accident and pursue justice against the responsible parties.

If you have lost a loved one due to a car accident caused by someone else, please contact us. We will explain your legal options and provide the information you need to hold that person accountable. Call the wrongful death and car accidents lawyers at our St. Clair County office today at 618-215-2412 or toll free at 866-223-2525. You may also send us an email.

Devastating accidents are often caused by negligence or illegal activity, such as drunk driving, texting while driving, distracted driving or reckless driving. Our lawyers are skilled at investigating the circumstances leading up to a collision, recreating exactly what occurred and what should have been done to prevent the accident.

This includes working with forensic experts to recreate the scene of the accident, pulling phone records, working with witnesses and gathering all relevant information to build a solid case against the individual who killed your loved one.

Drunk Driving Accidents

While a drunk driver will be prosecuted as a felon for injuring or killing someone else due to his or her intoxication, the victim’s family has the option to pursue civil action on top of the criminal proceedings. In Illinois, the family can seek punitive damages, meaning you are entitled to damages above and beyond actual damages. Our wrongful death lawyers are knowledgeable and skillful in seeking maximum damages.